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Select Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 from the start up menu


Now let us start your first Web application (Web site) Press or click New Project button.


Type in the name of your application or website

You can change the location and specify where you want to save the application

    After you press create button an application will be created and it will look like this.
   Now we are ready to type some information to the default page, I just type some text to the designer page.
   Press F5 or click the run button to run the application.

   When I run the application, I can see my text I typed in.

    Question1: How can i enter title for the page?
   Answer: Just select page property and type title, for example Tanvtech Home Page

    Press F5 and see the result.

    You can see a title for the page.
   Question2: How can I display my first name, last name on the page and want to me in the center?
   Answer: Drag a HTML Table from the toolbox.
By default it create 3 columns and 3 rows I can delete one column by selecting a column and press the delete button as show below.

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