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My First Report using SSRS and LINQ ASP.net 3.5
Here are the steps i will follow to create my first SSRS report

Step 1:I will Create a new table for example i call it StudentInfo

Step2:I will add some data to the table i just created so that i can display the data on my resport

Step3: Create new project using Visual Studio 2008 I call it my FirstReportApplication

Step 4: Add new item to your project

Step 5:Select report from list of items and enter your report name

Step 6:Add new DataSet to your project

Step 7:Create a DataTable and add all the cloumns you want to display on the report

Step 8: The next step is drag and drop the ReportViewer control on to your aspx page

Step 9: Set your ReportViewer height and width and select your report datasource

Step 10: If you view source of your aspx page this how it will look like

Step 11: Add new Linq Class to the project and drag your table on the dbml page

Step 12:This code you have to put in your aspx.cs file put it in page_load event
Step 13: This is a sample report.
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