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Subreport:My First Subreport using SSRS

How to create and use sub reports using Microsoft Reports Here are the steps user can follow and create sub reports.
Step1:Create AddressInfo table and enter some data as show below.

Step2: Add New report to your project

Step3: Add a new DataTable to your dataSet Here is a sample of DataSet

Step4:Drag and drop a table on your report and
Step5:Drag and drop fields from your datasoure table to the report.

Step6: User can delete the header and the footer since we are not using it this how the report will look

Step7: Add your Paramter to your report(Sub report)
Step8: Add you sub report to your main report

Step9: Select your report from the report dropdownlist

Step10: Select your report parameter and subreport parameter

Step11:Sure code will now look like this.

Step12: Here is the sample report after you run the report

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