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A WCF service is composed of three parts — a Service class that implements the service to be provided, a host environment to host the service, and one or more endpoints to which clients will connect. All communication with the WCF service happens via the endpoints. The endpoints specify a Contract that defines which methods of the Service class will be accessible via the endpoint; each endpoint may expose a different set of methods. The endpoints also define a binding that specifies how a client will communicate with the service and the address where the endpoint is hosted.

My First WCF Application using LINQ and ASP.net 3.5

Here are the steps i will follow to create my first WCF Application

Step 1:I will Create a new Project and call it MyFirstWcfApplication as show below

Step2:By default it create IService1 interface and a Service1 class

Step3: I want to give different name so i rename them to StudentInfoService
Note: If you change the name you have to change it in the config file also
This is how my new project look like

Step 4:Add new Linq class to the project ,i call it MyDataClasses.After adding new class i drag and drop my table on to the Linq class.

Step 5:I Added new method in the interface class call it GetAllStudent()

Step 6:Implement the Method declared in the interface class in the Service class

Step 7:Build and run you application

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