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1. Open Microsoft visual studio 2005, File , New Project.

Choose Business Intelligence Projects and then Integration Services Project

Now lets create our first package in SSIS, call it datatransfer.dtsx. In this Package, we will transfer data from excel table to database table and while doing that we will filter, sort data. 1. create connections for source table Source Excel Table – Give location of Excel file

Destination Database table Connection Manager

New OLEDB connection – give server and database name

2. Drag Data Flow Task from toolbox into Control flow
3. Goto Data Flow Tab And Drag Excel Source
Lets preview what we have in Excel file
By looking at data, two things we noticed. Age should be round number and Salary has to be in currency. For that use 4. Data Conversion task and change Age and Salary data type
5. Now add some derived columns. For that we need Derived Column task

These 5 derived columns are based upon existing base columns we have. Floor Age and Ceiling Age are new columns and Firstname and Lastname are replacing existing ones. 6. Now we will Sort data based upon Age. Add Sort Task.
7. Finally we will load data into destination database table Drag OLE DB Destination Task

Mapped the Input column with Destination Column

8. Execute the Package and see data trasfered from excel to database.

That’s it thanks.
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