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We have created auto complete control using ajax, here we are going to use the Silverlight auto complete control.I name my new project TanvtechSilverlight.
Here are the steps you need to follow.
  • Create new Silverlight project
  • Add a Linq file to the project and name it TanvtechDataClasses
  • Add a Wcf to the Web project and call it TanvtechService
  •  Drag and drop your tables or store procedure on to the Linq class
If you follow all the steps the project will look like this

Add your method to the service for example i am using the Studentinfo table

The Xaml file will look like this

The database or the linq class will be like this

Add the web service reference to the sliverlight project

Add the following code to the Xaml code behide page

Run the application and type last name or first like name

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