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Do The Following
1Make sure the phone screen is confirmed at least the day of the interview. Be sure that you know the logistics i.e. date time who will be contacting who and at what phone number. Also it is wise to find out who will be interviewing you including their t
2Read through the job description carefully prior to the interview. If you have any questions regarding a specific aspect of the description please contact your recruiter.
3 Do some research on the company that will be performing the interview. Check their website and be sure you understand the company’s industry and services.
4Make sure you have a quiet space available to speak. Try to step inside rather than performing the interview in the street or while driving. Also be sure that you can speak freely and not in hushed tones such as if calling from work. Landlines are preferre
5Make sure you will not be interrupted during the interview. This means turning off the TV cell phone (if using a landline) and requesting that people around you (such as family) do not interrupt you while on the phone.
6 Have a pen and paper ready in case you need to take notes. While the interviewer is speaking and telling you about the job you may come up with some questions that are not appropriate to ask at the moment. It’s a good idea to write these questions down an
7Have your resume in front of you as the recruiter or manager on the other line most likely will as well.
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